HPV Awakening Inc 1st Annual Cervical Cancer Day 2013


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Help us get HPV testing for men approved!


Guys we need 100,000 Signatures by May 28th, 2013 to have this petition go before the White House. Please help us save lives! Sign it is free just takes about 3 min. to create an account and sign.

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Happy Holidays & Cervical Cancer Awareness Day Jan. 25


Happy holidays and Seasons Greetings! We would like to thank all of you for being a part of HPV Awakening Inc. and it’s growth as well as exposure throughout this year!


We would like to notify all of you that on January 25th, 2013 at FIU South Campus we will be having an event from 10 am – 5 pm for the 1st ever Cervical Cancer Awareness Day, in honor of all of us impacted by cervical cancer and HPV, the leading cause of Cervical Cancer, Oral Cancer, Anal Cancer and several other forms or cancer.


If you are unable to join us please spread the word about the event and let us know if you are interested and able to join us in our health fair that day, and several events taking place including:


Panels featuring thus far (and still seeking more speakers)

  • Sex, Culture, Women, Religion, and Health                          10-11 AM
    • Abdy Javdaza
    • Kelley Rowan
    • More Speakers Needed
    • Sexual Health                                                                                    11:30AM-12:30PM
      • Marilyn Volker
      • Sexual Health legal issues                                                             1PM-2PM
        • Anna Brown
        • Luis Fernandez
        • More Speakers Needed
        • Resources
          • Planned Parented
          • Gynecologist – Needed
          • Dr. Green
          • More Speakers Needed
          • Cervical Cancer and HPV Stories                                                                                2:30-3:30PM
            • Tashia
            • More Speakers needed
            • Stigma Fashion Show                                                                     4PM-5PM
              • Make your own fashion display different social stigmas about sexuality
              • STDs/STI’s
              • Orientation
              • Illnesses

Health Fair Featuring

  • HPV Awakening Inc
  • The Village South

More venders needed!


  • FIU Wellness Center
  • Women’s Studies Student Association
  • HPV Awakening Inc.
  • The Village South
  • More Wanted
Please Reply to this to let me know one that you got it and two if you would like to take part!

Thank you,

Tashia Ameneiro
President & Founder
HPV Awakening Inc.
(768) 260-2092
Twitter @HPVAwakening
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Great news! we found a gyno that is willing to work with us for those that don’t have insurance, Sliding scale, and payment installments.  If you need we can set-up your appointments just give us a call :) Or call her directly at


Dr. Saea N. Llerena MD.

1451 SW 1st Street

Miami Fl. 33135


And don’t forget that Planned Parenthood that will work with you from free to sliding scale to get you your pap smears, treatment and birth control. As well as free HIV/SIDS, and other STD testing

Lots of things and events have been going on. We went through the Speakers Bureau training for Miami Dade County schools again but with more people this time. We would like to welcome Rene and Angel to our speakers J  

We have been doing back to back things with the many different Miami Dade College campuses including North, Kendall, Wolfson, Inter America, and a few more coming up. We also have worked with Colombia nosiness feria de servicios para colombianos en El exter and to SDA Jerusalem.  We are looking forward to working with all of our new volunteers and our new locations coming up. We will try to keep you guys as update as possible. I will try to get the calendar up to date.



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AIDS/HIV vs HPV reality check



-          Virus

-          Treatable

-          Passible through body fluids

-          Preventable from being passed on from mother to child

-          Reportable illness

-          Does not kill you directly but what it allows to come into your body does

  • Cancers
  • Colds
  • Other common illness that a “normal” immune system could fight off

-          Testing available for both MEN and women

-          Blood banks screen for this virus from donors

-          Testing can and is readily free in many locations

-          Education is done by the state and encouraged by the government

-          It is spoken about



-          Virus

-          Not treatable

-          Not reportable

-          Nothing to prevent mothers from transmitting this to children

-          Vaccine that only protects you against 2  strands related to cancer (there are over 40  that we know of

-          No FDA approved testing for men

-          Testing for women is a pap smear (planned parenthood will work with you if you don’t have insurance)

-          Blood banks do not screen for this virus

-          Doesn’t directly kill you but what is causes can

  • Cancer(S)
  • New research is looking into other related illness too that may be linked to HPV

-          transmitted through kissing


-          80% of us have HPV and that is why they do not consider it a reportable illness.

Questions? Good. Start asking.

Since my CNN interview a few things have happened. First my complete total and utter thanks goes out to the staff of NotiMujer, CNN, and Rod for having us. Second I would like to thank everyone that has seen the interview either via youtube or live and to all of the women that emailed me thank you.

When you do this kind of work without especially in the beginning, with no funding, and no laws backing you up on this being a reportable illness it is hard. It takes a toll when you see that the CDC considers STIs like syphilis, goneria reportable yet both are treatable and curable in most cases but not HPV that says with you forever.

Many people brush off this virus as not serious. I have had people with it not even consider it a serious matter because so many people are carriers. But here is the reality and this is going to be the hardest thing I probably will do to date in my life. (It is one thing to know something and another to acknowledge it)

So because the numbers are so great it should be ignored and not spoken about? If anything we should be focusing on stopping the spread more than ever. Educating people on it. Making it reportable that we can have one less person and not one more because of the negligence of  those that know they have it and chose not to say anything.

Make testing available for men. The FDA approved DNA testing for men why are they putting it into practice for any of us?

This is hard because when the average Joe hears AIDS or HIV we know it’s serious and take it as such to the point that “have you gotten tested?” seems to only bring that illness to mind and not  syphilis, goneria, chlamydia, or other STIs/STDs.

We need to educate. We need to stand up for our health and that starts with you. The same way this started with me.




twitter @HPVAwakening

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year of the paperwork


For everyone else in the world this is going to be the year of the Dragon for me? The year of paperwork… When you start telling people you’re going to do a non-profit and they tell you it is a lot of work warning! They do not just mean “work” they mean paper work, lots and lots of paper work.


=:p ah well that’s life isn’t it?


Ok thank you to all those that joined us at the Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival first. It was great seeing those of you from Tampa and my locals :) For those of you that had a bit of a hard time identifying us I am getting to work on the organization shirts. I have the logo, Juan is going to do the final touch-ups ASAP and a-printing we shall go!

Otherwise keep an eye out for a red book-bag with HPV Awakening Inc. on it. I’ll post a picture of it to further help with the visual, or cars with our website on the trunk.


Now the reason for this being the year of the paperwork is simple. The permits involved in getting the bike run going equals paperwork.

501 form equals paperwork

Grant writing equals paperwork


And of course my idea of down time being reading and journaling equals paperwork -_- I  think I need new hobbies  :p


Joking aside, things are moving and that is key =^_^= Things with the lawyer are well underway thanks to our case “helper(s)”. I am learning my way around the internet for things other than checking my email which, I have finally gotten into the habit of doing regular bases. I have decided to also start video blogging but can’t figure out how to get this thing to record sound 0_o  But I have managed to kill the “h” key for the most part on my keyboard, and my cellphone is holding onto dear life out of pure masochism which means it’s still alive and kicking! Oh and I realized I can post these blogs on facebook as notes not just on the blog sites I am registered on.


The Morikami Japanese Museum is having its New Year Festival this Sunday sadly I am not sure if I will be able to attend for I have my bill paying job to go to but other HPV Awakening Inc. Supporters will be there if any of you would like to attend! I’ll post the event up tomorrow with all the usual info. I am having a bit of a hard time setting up the support group because I do not get my work schedule till Sunday and it starts the following Monday. Next week when it comes out I will just post a support group meeting at a local starbucks in North Miami Beach and see how that goes. I am sorry if it will be super last minuet but I have little control over my hours as I am new to this job.


Also I go into the school system Friday the 13 for material approval! Wish me luck this means once approved we as an organization can start addressing local middle and high schools. I will be releasing the dates I will be speaking at Barry, Miami Dade College, FIU, UM, NOVA, and so on as they come in.


I will keep you all updated with how things are going as they come to me. In February don’t forget we have another yard sale fundraiser that Tate’s comics is helping out with, so is Asbestos Accessories, and J2 Creations. Not sure on the location is will either be at the Hollywood fresh market or he Swap Shop. But I’ll get back to you on that.

Oh and special thanks to our first cash donation not sure if you want to be named abaut I will at least thank you! :)

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Knights, WEAM, discrimination


Wow super special thanks to all of those who joined us at WEAM! It was a great experiences and again thank you to WEAM for having us! I look forward to going back again :)

I would also like to give a special thanks to the Fort Lauderdale Chrome Knights (http://www.facebook.com/events/283551758362362/#!/profile.php?id=100002976814789 ) for meeting with me and willing to do a bike ride fund raiser for us! Now it is a matter of getting permits in Broward and getting everything together.

Our next get together will be the Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival Jan. 1st, 2012 9:30am – 5:30pm. The prices vary upon your age and it’s all posted on our calendar. If you want to join give me a call 786-260-2092.

The lawyer is getting things together to start putting things in motion. I am nervous. I know how this illness is viewed and I know that has to change. And that people have to start taking responsibility for their actions when those actions can and do affect others especially other people’s health. Also we have to start talking about this illness sweeping this under a rug and not talking about it doesn’t make it go away.

This illness is real it impacts us and by talking about it people can start changing it. We still ignore the fact that as studies are taking place they are still focusing on women and not the fact that men carry this illness as well. We all have the P53 gene yet again men are being ignored for health issues that the virus can cause as it impacts this gene.

One step at a time. But I really can’t wait for people to realize that people discriminate. We see color, gender, race and religion. Illnesses do not care or see any of things so why do we keep ignoring that fact?


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On goings


In order of events, if anyone would like to help I have found a lawyer willing to take my ex to court for knowingly spreading HPV. If anyone would like to help with case briefs please let me know. 

On Friday Dec. 23, 2011 I figured it would be good to start putting faces and names to HPV Awakening supporters and set up a get together at WEAM- World Erotic Art Museum, where they are featuring Rembrandt. I sent WEAM an email which the owner replied to with a call and was kind enough to give our attendants a rate of $12 per person entrance which is super nice! I have posted it both on the website and our facebook page and all are welcome to join us.

Oh we finally have our logo! I just need to do the text for it and it will be all set to go and I will happily post it up and start working on new pins and t-shirts J I am waiting for my jobs to post the schedule for after Christmas in order to put up the date for out next get together which will be for the Native American Art Festival and Everglades tour. Once I get the date I’ll let everyone know about that and price.

I am thankful to report that I have been in contact with the biker club Chrome Knights of Fort Lauderdale through a friend and am looking forward to meeting them. Good possibility they will do a Bike Run fundraiser for the organization!  So that is one more step to getting to where we need to be.

To be honest I feel like I am fumbling around trying to figure out where to go and how to go about it. I am trying my best to get things moving and getting in touch with as many people as possible in order to do fundraisers and educational events. I am still waiting on the dates for the Universities and colleges to go to speak to the classes and am waiting on pins and needles, as the saying goes, for January to come to be able to start speaking in the local public schools.

Things get a bit more complicated with how much I can do since I work two jobs and am dealing with having a sick mother. It doesn’t help that though my depression has gotten way better it’s still there. I have been very fortunate to have people in my life that help me out and people from my past come back into my life when I need them most.  Everything about life seems to be about one step at a time so that is what I am doing. I am taking things one step at a time even though sometimes I just want to run through them and get things done. Or to pack everything up and just call it a day.

Everything with this organization really is a personal learning experience for me. I am learning more about myself, the people in my life, people of my society, and how to deal with things I never really thought I would have to. The lawyer has taken this case to help bring about change. To stop those out there that like to victimize others from being able to continue doing so.

With every day that passes I both understand people more and oh so much less. But there are just some things and people I guess we aren’t meant to understand.  I am thinking about also doing a video blog and encouraging other people who like me are now HPV carriers to speak up and share our stories. It is something I honestly have to think about. But I know I am leaning towards that direction.

Things for the support group getting underway are coming together. I have decided to wait till January for the holiday season to pass and again it will have to be worked around my work schedules

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Yard sale, research, & more


So the yard sale is going on this weekend and yet again it is slow! but no worries we are a new organization and these things take time. 17620 NW 18th Avenue 10am – 5pm Dec 10 & 11.   Join us!!!!

I spoke to Tate of Tate’s Comics + Toys + Videos + More (4566 North University Drive – Lauderhill, FL 33351  954-748-0181) about our yard sale that will take place in Feb. and he was nice enough to be willing to make a donation of things for us to sell. So I look forward to working with them again and am extremely thankful for their help as I am for all the support and help we have been getting from the general public.

Seems the FDA approved DNA testing for HPV back in 2009 but it is unclear how exactly that works. I have been calling them for 3 days and have left a ton of voice mails but am still waiting for a reply.

So upcoming events with no dates but we will have them soon are as follows:

I will a guest speaker in Miami Dade College for 4 English classes so far and am waiting for the dates and times.

I have been invited by some FIU Profs. to speak as well and when I get the dates and time I will share.

 HPV Awakening will be working with WSSA and Muffy (from FIU) as they are hosting the  Vagina Monologues which I look forward to. It’s a great date night you’ll be enlightened :)

I am on standby for some high schools and am waiting to hear from some Prof. as Barry, Broward, UM, and Nova.

Wish me luck and spread the word about HPV.


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Hello world!


So I am very excited to be writing this on our official website for the first time :) Thanks to a beautiful person this site was donated, and has been (and still is a bit) under construction so bear with us please!

So it’s been a very active week. First I heard from the Dade County schools and have to go to an orientation to become a public speaker on Jan. 12, 2012. Thank you to Chuck, Jackie, and Mr. Ore’ for getting that going. Next step is to do the same with Broward and Palm Beach.

Called the Miami Herald (Special Thanks to Anthony for helping us out over there) and put things in motion to have our fundraiser Yard Sale taking place this weeked officially (since last weekend was a bust) be announced in the Dec 8 & 9 issues of the paper.

Again Special thanks to Dr. Green from Turner Tech Senior High School she had a great speaker there today named Marilyn K. Volker, a sexologist, extremely informative and helpful.

I would like to also officially welcome Emma to the HPV Awakening family!!!! her email address is Emma@hpvawakening.org she has been of great help in getting things going and put together the powerpoint presentation used at our FIU panel that took place on October 10, 20111, that was hosted by WSSA, and also had a guest speaker from Planned Parenthood Mr. David block whom I look forward to working with again sometime soon.

Adding to all the things going on I came accross this in a constant search for correct spelling of words and up to date facts http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/risk/HPV full of great new info! the FDA has approved DNA testing for HPV. Now if they could just approve testing for men and the CDC make the life endangering strands reportable illnesses it would really get the ball rolling on taking things to the next level!

well considering the time and the face that I have to share this with tumblr and blogspot which well then send this to twitter and facebook I am heading to bed but looking forward to more updates and getting this site off the group and the organization going. Thank you to all of you followers, Awakeners, contributors, and those of you in my life that have helped me get to where I am.

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